Installing Perl

Installing perl to work on your Apache Web Server is even simpler than anything else I have covered in this group of articles.

Probably the hardest thing to do is to wait patiently while it downloads off the Internet - a whopping 11 MB!

To get the latest perl (for Windows Me or the Win32 version), go to Activeperl.

Once you have that downloaded, you can install it just like you install any other software on your machine.

However, here's some good advice - find out where perl is on your REAL server. For example on my web host's server it's at:


So to make it easier for me to test out my perl scripts and still not change the shebang line everytime I want to upload the script, I installed Activeperl at
path: C:\usr
on my machine.

These screenshots help explain what I mean (note the red circles):

Screenshot: perl Install I

Note that by default (on my machine) Activeperl attempts to install itself on
path: D:\Perl\

I didn't want that - instead I want it to be installed to
path: C:\usr\
(so that the path to perl will be
path: C:\usr\bin\perl
) on my Windows Me PC too.

To change this setting, I click on the Browse button on the dialog box above and set the path like this:

Screenshot: perl Install II

Click OK to the next step and that's all there is to installing Activeperl on your computer. After this, just keep accepting the default options and run the install.

Restart your computer.

Before you can test out your perl scripts though, there are still a few things you have to add to your Apache Web Server's httpd.conf file.

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