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Last weekend, I made my first Home Movie VCD and even though I had no idea (at the time) what I was doing, I am glad that it actually worked and I managed to view the sample movie on a VCD using a regular VCD player.

So, now if you already have all the necessary equipment to get your home videos off your camcorder and into your computer; and you have a video editing software (see a common list of software here).

MPEG1 Encoder

The next thing to do is to get a MPEG1 encoder. Yes, I can already remember what I thought to myself when I first learned that too - WHAT? I have to buy yet another thing?

Okay, so I decided to use Adobe Premiere 6.0 for all my video editing and with it, you get Terran Interactive's - Cleaner 5EZ for Adobe Premiere MPEG1 encoder as a plug-in.

In Adobe Premiere 6.0, to access the plug-in, you click:

File > Export Timeline > Save for Web

From my own tests, the encoding took twice as long to process and the picture quality was inferior - so I am going to forget that it exists in my PC.

Panasonic MPEG1 Encoder Plug-In for Adobe Premiere5.x

Even though it says 'Premiere 5.x', I installed it for my Premiere 6.0 and it worked well, and you access the plug-in in Premiere when you click:

File > Export Timeline > Movie > Settings > File Type

Even though my camcorder is a SONY (not only does this plug-in NOT know that), it seems to works best!!! The processing is the fastest yet and the quality is superior.

Ligos LSX-MPEG for Adobe Premiere (updated Sep 12, 2001)

I just found out about this plug-in a few days ago. In my opinion this one beats Panasonic both, in speed and quality - so, my current recommendation.

By the way, you notice I place a lot of importance on processing time in my opinions of these encoders, that's because unless you have done this before, you will not believe the amount of time it takes to encode a 1 hour duration video into MPEG1!!!

It can be hours... With the fastest mpeg encoder I have (i.e. LSX MPEG) it roughly takes 2 minutes to convert 1 minute of video, so a one hour .avi file will take 2 hours to convert.


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