Tweak UI 1.33

Ever heard of MS Powertoys? First time I heard of it, I thought it was something Bill had bought himself last Christmas...

Actually, it's just a set of productivity tools put together by Microsoft and included in this set is, Tweak UI 1.33 which you can download from here.

It's a relatively small download for what it can do but using it after a while, you'd wonder to yourself how you ever got along with your Windows PC before.

Once installed, you can use it to adjust your Windows User Interface and depending on what you adjust, your PC might actually feel like it's running on steroids!

No, seriously, already just a simple tweak with the Mouse tab and pushing the slider to Fast (see image below) results in super-charged menus!

TweakUI Screenshot

The number 1 reason to use TweakUI? Clicking on the My Computer tab, you can change the default location of your My Documents folder to any other place on your system (something I have been dying to do for a long time but didn't know how).

I can't list all the other 'tweaks' that are available as I haven't gone through all of them as yet.

Oh yes, the download page doesn't say it - so, to access the program after it's installed, go to your Control Panel and it should be there.


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