Shortcut to Exit Windows

Here's an old favourite of mine: creating shortcuts to Exit & Restart Windows!

In other words, you no longer have to click Start > Shut Down, to shut down or restart Windows.

What you get are 2 separate icons on your Desktop that will Shutdown or Restart your PC when you click on them.

Here's how - in Windows ME

Go to your desktop, right-click on it to get the sub-menu.

Select New > Shortcut to get the Create Shortcut dialog box.

To add a SHUT DOWN shortcut to your desktop, insert this:

Create Shortcut Screenshot

To add a RESTART shortcut to your desktop, insert this:

Although the steps in creating a new shortcut may differ in Windows 98, the command line information should work in Windows 98 too.

For more detailed information read the KB article at Microsoft.


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