Do you use the same password to all the websites that require you to login or 'join a membership' of some sort? Is the password you use the same as the rest of your passwords, email and worse, online banking accounts?

I ask this question often from people around me and the usual answer is
I use the same password for everything!
Why, before this article, so did I...

If a webmaster does not encrypt your password through his script or throughout his website's database, it is very likely a malicious webmaster may go through your password and email accounts hoping to get lucky and finding a match.

I was surprised to find out a while back that a very popular Forum was storing the forum members passwords in plain text! On this forum, my password for the board and my password for my regular email (listed in the board) was the same!

The revelation made me change all my passwords almost immediately. So now each site that I subscribe to is individually password-ed for that particular site. Not really the perfect solution, as now I have to remember all this different passwords for different sites! :roll:

How to think like a real GEEK!

So, I had to create a formula that will allow me to 'calculate' the formula with information from the site itself.

Here is an example:

My Tripod Account password is : odzzxx10
My Yahoo Account password is : oozzxx09

I know, you must be thinking that I am mad, how can anyone possibly remember different passwords like THAT!

The 'secret' formula

Actually, it's very simple, let me break it down for you (cause it's actually in 3 parts):

Part 1 - The first 2 letters of the password (Tripod)= od
I got it from looking at the site's domain name and looking for the last 2 alphabets of the domain name, in this case tripod = od

Part 2 - Then a fixed 4 alphanumeric key which I use in every password "key" (for any website) = zzxx

Part 3 - The last 2 digits of the password = 10
I just take the number of letters in the word "tripod" (which is 6) and add the number 4 (4 being also a fixed number to add, in any password, of any site)

Again, using the above formula, my password for could be:

Just to be sure, my Hotmail account now could be:

Got it? Hope so... Of course, you can now think a bit longer and come out with your own 'mix and match' formula but I guess you get the idea!


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