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Effective April 24, 2002, Yahoo! Mail will no longer provide free POP3 Access or Auto Mail Forwarding to Yahoo! Delivers subscribers.

You will have to pay $29.99 / year if you want to continue having your FREE POP3 access!

Sheeesh! What are the guys at Yahoo! thinking these days? For about HALF the price ($13 - $15 / year), I can show where you can get a domain name AND some web space (hosting). This will allow you to setup, download, retrieve, forward, use forwarders etc, any email from your domain. e.g. me@mydomain.com, mymum@mydomain.com, mygrandfather@mydomain.com.

Updated : March 29th 2002

Getting your Yahoo mail through Outlook Express or MS Outlook 2000 is a simple process:

Open OE.

Click on Tools > Accounts

In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click:

Add > Mail

Fill in your name, click Next

Select I already have an email account that I'd like to use

Fill in the Yahoo email address - i.e the complete address, e.g. yourname@yahoo.com

Click Next

Make sure POP3 is selected as the server type of your incoming mail server

In the next 2 fields fill in the following:
Incoming mail: pop.mail.yahoo.com
Outgoing mail: smtp.mail.yahoo.com

Click Next

In the next page, fill in your account name, e.g. if your email address is example@yahoo.com,you would fill in just example.

Password is your Yahoo password.

click Next, Finish

and you're all set!!!

BUT before you start being able to download your emails using an email program such as Outlook, Eudora, Opera Mail, etc., you have to select the option in OPTIONS of your Yahoo! Mail Website.

Also, refer to GIDForums™ - Yahoo! Mail topic for some common issues


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