IE6; Download to HDD

How do I download Microsoft's brand new MS Internet Explorer 6 (MSIE 6) to my Hard Disk Drive (HDD)?. This question was on my mind for a whole week before I found out...

If you have ever downloaded anything from Microsoft before, you will understand why I find excuses not to do it. You see, all this time, I assumed I had to RUN the install off the web and that I could not download it to my HDD. I was wrong!

If you're like me and re-install everything on your PC every month or so, you'll know that this is not something you do lightly, let alone having to download the programs, patches, updates all over again just because you didn't save it to your HDD the first time.

Anyway, with Microsoft, it was always more difficult, or maybe not so obvious. With having to download the latest MSIE 6, I decided I'd find out how to save a copy of the program onto my HDD if I ever wanted to re-install it on my PC and here are the steps to do that - no big secret actually, just not so out-there!

When you first find the link to download the software, you will get a window that you will have to RUN to proceed to the download. Do NOT save this to your HDD. It's small, in any case...

After that little download and install, you will get this window (select the options marked by the red arrow):

MSIE 6 Download Screenshot I

Just like in the image above, choose the second option Install Minimal, or customize.. (marked with the red arrow).

As soon as you click Next >, the screen (image below) will appear:

MSIE 6 Download Screenshot II

Click on the Advanced... button (marked with red arrow) and the new window will look like:

MSIE 6 Download Screenshot III

As soon as you select Download only (see image above), you will be presented with the option to specify the location on your HDD that you want to download the files to.

As soon as the DOWNLOAD is complete, you can install MSIE 6 offline and FROM your HDD whenever you feel like it.

If you don't delete the files you just completed downloading, you can now uninstall and re-install MSIE 6 everytime and anytime you feel like it WITHOUT having to download it again.



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