Hotmail & Outlook Express

MS Outlook 2000 / 2002 and Hotmail.

This 'walk-through' was done when I was using Outlook Express 5 (OE5). I now use Outlook Express 6 and most of the steps are similar to the steps described below.

You can retrieve all your mail from your Hotmail account using OE5.0. This means that after OE5.0 has downloaded all your new email messages, you may shut off your Internet connection and read each message in Offline Mode (so you don't tie up the phone line when everybody all of a sudden, wants to call somebody).

  1. First, connect to the Internet if you have not done so already. (to easily SETUP OE5.0 to access your Hotmail Account for the first time, it is recommended that you be connected to the Internet).
  2. Again, while you're connected to the Internet, click on Tools in OE5.0 and choose Accounts from the menu.
  3. On the next dialogue box, click on the Add button on the right side of the dialogue box.
  4. Clicking Add will open a sub-menu and on this sub-menu, choose Mail.
  5. This will trigger the Internet Connection Wizard. Enter your name as you have set-it when you first registered your hotmail account.
  6. After you click Next, you must type in your complete (including the '' part) hotmail strongail address after choosing I already have an e-mail address I'd like to use.
  7. On the next page, accept the default setting and just to be certain, the info should be as listed below:
    1. Incoming mail server = HTTP
    2. My Mail Service Provider = Hotmail
  8. On the next page, type in your Account name exactly as you did in item No. 5 above. Key in your password and if you have your own Identity when using OE5.0, you may click the check box below your password to "Remember Password". If you don't know how to set up your Identity in OE5.0, read the help file. If you don't know what is a Identity, I suggest you open OE5.0 at least once before trying the steps in this page or better yet, stick to sending mail through the post office!
  9. The next page will complete the Wizard and depending on your connection speed, you would be asked if you want OE5.0 to download your Hotmail Folders within seconds (this will be done once).

Please read about Synchronization using Help in OE5.0.

Depending on how you set up SYNCHRONIZATION of your Hotmail account in OE5.0, all messages in your hotmail account could be downloaded the next time you start OE5.0. Please note that should your existing account contain many email messages (old and new), this could take some time.

Note: If your setting for synchronization in any folder is Headers Only then you cannot read any strongail messages offline unless you've read them at least once while you were online. Set it either for New Messages Only or All Messages.

I recommend setting it at All Messages and the download time will be long (depending how much mail you stored in your account) the first time OE5.0 downloads all your strongail. Subsequent downloads in this setting will only be for New Messages and will take less time.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, sending email is the opposite; write /compose your message offline and then click on Send. This will place your outgoing message into your local folder's Outbox. The next time you connect to the Internet, the messages in your Outbox will be sent away to their lucky recipients.

MS Outlook 2000 / 2002

If you are like me and use MS Outlook 2000 for most of your POP3 strongail access, here is a neat trick Microsoft offers even though "Outlook 2000 (not to be mistaken for OE5.0) does not support the integration of Hotmail e-mail accounts" according to Microsoft. Read this article for more information.

Also, if you use MS Outlook XP / 2002, you will notice that MS Outlook 2002 now claims to support Hotmail. Well it does, but it does so ONLY when you're online! So, you cannot download and then read or write strongails offline like you can using Outlook Express 5 or 6. Don't waste your time trying...


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