E-mail Template

If you would like to create a standard email template to use when you send out your emails, please read on. Wouldn't it be cool to send your emails already filled with the same information every time your friends receive an email from you?

Mesmerize them by adding even a graphic (perhaps a picture of you) on your emails when the recipients of your emails open them!

This "how to" article will use MSWord 2000 to create the actual design of your email template however, if you are comfortable with FP2K, Dreamweaver or any other HTML authoring program, it should be more appropriate to use them instead of Word 2K.

Using Word 2K, create your own design of how you would like your email to look like.

Email Template Screenshot

Then when you are done with your 'design' (see the example above), click on File, Save As and from the dialogue box that appears, look for the Save as type: option and select Web Page (*.htm; *.html).

At Filename: type the name of the file - e.g. my_email.htm (it really doesn't matter if you use my_email.htm or my_email.html). Then click on Change Title... and type in a description for your page - e.g. My Email Template. (Don't forget to save the file in C:/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/Stationery/ because when you open Outlook Express 5.0 (OE5.0) to set up this file as your email template, this is where OE5.0 starts to look for a file by default).

That's it, that's all the work that you need to do to design your email template! Please read the notes on fonts you can use for your email template before you decide to use that fancy font in your computer!

Great! Now that you have your very own email template in HTML format, it's time to tellOE5.0 to use it every time you start a new email to your lucky friends...

Open OE5.0 and click on Tools and choose Options. In the dialogue box, click on the Compose tab to open it. Under Stationery, check the Mail: option (if it is NOT already checked) and click on Select to look for the file you just created and click OK. Click Apply to close the dialogue box and voila! Your email template is ready to use for your next email...

If everything was done correctly, the next time you click on New Mail using OE5.0, your email template will be loaded for you to click next to the Dear , and start typing the rest of the email.

Before you send out REAL email messages to the world, try to send a few first to some close friends and relatives and they may be able to tell you if the templates work the way you intended it to..


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