Empty / Delete Temp Folder

Is it safe to delete or empty my Windows Temp folder (or directory)? - I get asked this question nearly every other fortnight, so to avoid serious burn out ;) - here's the article I promised myself.

The short answer is YES!

Do NOT delete the TEMP folder / directory itself - just what's inside it!

First, there is the Kamikaze way:

You just go to the Temp folder (or Directory) of Windows; i.e.
from the Menu, select Edit > Select All (while in the Temp folder / directory) and press the Del key.

If Windows itself or any other program running on your PC at this time is using a file that's on this folder at the time you're doing this, it won't allow you to delete it anyway.

To avoid this, I of course suggest the next method of emptying your Temp folder / directory.

The 'Safe' way:

Restart your computer and as the PC is booting up again, hit F8 repeatedly (on Windows ME) until you see the Microsoft Windows Millennium StartUp Menu screen.

From the options, use the arrow keys of your keyboard to select No. 3 - Safe Mode or press 3 from your numeric keypad or just press F5.

And when the PC completes it's boot up, you will know you're in Safe Mode not because it says 'Safe Mode' all over your screen but because the screen will look like it just ran out of ink or something!

Close the Help and Support window (which pops open for no other apparent reason but to annoy you), start Windows Explorer, go to the
folder and delete all the files inside it.

Now, you can Restart your PC once again in Normal mode and your Temp folder should remain empty... well, atleast for today.

C:\TMP? What is that?

n.b. I don't know which program does this yet but after sometime of using Windows Me on my PC and after installing a few more programs, I find another Temp folder on my C:\ drive like this -
path: C:\TMP

Don't know what it's there for and what it's supposed to be doing but hardly anything places itself in there - so I usually leave it be until the next re-install of Windows.


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