How I chose all the Hardware and assembled my own PC

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After using my faithful Acer Entra 500 (Pentium 150) which I bought many years ago, it was time to think about upgrading or buying a new system.

What I eventually did was unthinkable just months ago.

I chose and bought every component that would make up my new PC and assembled them together on my own.  So, now I am using a computer which is unbranded but with hardware (I think) that fits my purpose being on the computer.

Since I love everything Graphics, my focus was on a reasonably sized monitor and a suitable VGA / Graphic card. 

So, what did I end up with?  It cost me less than RM 3,500 (approx. US$ 900) for the whole bundle and what I got was (March 2001):

Pentium!!! 866 mhz

17" Monitor

NVidia TNT2 M64 32MB VGA Card

Mustek Scanner

and many more goodies...

The components arrived on March 16th 2001 and the following links are my story of how I got all the parts together and got this computer up and running...


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