Capturing a Screenshot

I have never felt SO dumb as I did when I first found out that there is a very simple way to get a screenshot of exactly what you're seeing on your computer screen.

Use the Print Screen button on your keyboard

Just press the Print Screen button of your keyboard once and open up your favourite Graphics program.

Depending on what your favourite Graphics program is, (MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop or Corel PhotoPaint), you can open up a new image and just use the Edit > Paste commands off the menu and voila! you should have a copy of the computer screen to crop, re-size, edit, alter or do whatever else you want, with it.

Sample Screenshot

Here's a sample screenshot of this screen:

Sample Screenshot of this screen.

Capturing a screenshot of the active window

If a window is all that you need, instead of the entire screen, press the Alt + Print Screen keys together, to get the active window!

Now, if only cooking was this simple...


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