Scan a 3D Object?

If you look at the image of the Hard Disk in the HARDWARE Journal section (duplicate image below), you would think I used a Digital Camera...

Instead, I actually used my FlatBed Scanner!

I just placed the HDD on my flatbed Scanner (carefully), flipped the cover over it and scanned the HDD if it were a piece of paper or a photo.

Now, why would I do that? Because, I CAN?!

Journal - Hardware Image Copy

Anyway, the image above is actually 3 layers put together, they are:

  1. The HDD Image which was 'cut' and rotated from the original scan and a fake shadow effect added to it.
  2. I scanned a handwritten note and also added a fake shadow effect to it.
  3. The bottom layer is a Type Layer with pillow-embossed effect added...

... and you thought you needed a camera to get anything done!


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