HTML / WYSIWYG editors and authoring programs

There are many web / html editors (i.e. Authoring Programs) around and since it's impossible for me to list them all, here's a quick list of some of those I have used (in the order of preference):

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4

It's the preferred WYSIWYG editor around for me and even this entire site is a product of it. Not FREE though and great for people like me who like to use a lot of tables in their pages etc... Not necessary for you to know HTML (to use it) and best of all, it doesn't re-write your html if you've hard-coded them onto your web pages occasionally.


FREE alternative that even has support for PHP, great stuff really!

1st Page 2000

What can I write about this FREE piece of software that hasn't been written before? Really popular, this one...

MS FrontPage 2000 / 2002

I designed my very first homepage using MS FrontPage (FP2K).Despite what some 'seasoned' webmasters may say about it, it's still the best software to start building web pages with. Sure, it's not perfect but it will help you get a lot of 'dynamic' stuff done for you with just a few clicks and using it on a server that supports FrontPage Server Extensions; which most FREE and/or paid web hosts do nowadays.


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