Naming a Class

For more than 2 years, I believed that the reason why Netscape 'ignored' my external CSS was because it simply did not support it or at least, parts of it.

To my horror, I recently found out (quite by accident, at that) that it was simply a case of naming a class in the wrong way!

You see, I had named nearly all my classes with an underscore character like this: .article_font or .main_table, etc.

It surely works fine if my external stylesheet (with classes named this way) was viewed using MSIE but when Netscape 4 was used or even Opera, nothing seemed to be interpreted by these browsers.

So when I renamed the classes to names like this:

.articlefont instead of .article_font

everything just worked fine!

Of course there are still stuff using CSS that will not be supported by all 3 browsers but they are only getting fewer with every browser update.


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